The Critical Eco-system Partnership Fund has been engaged in investing for Conservation in the Western Ghats since 2006. Many projects supported by
CEPF have made a difference in the Western Ghats ecology. For more information you can check their website
The Indigenous Partnership for Agro-Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty (Indigenous Partnership) is a network of indigenous communities and
organizations committed to defining their own food and agricultural practices that sustain Agro-Biodiversity. This Network is assisted by scientists and
policy researchers who value participatory agricultural research approaches and is also supported by the Christensen Fund and hosted by Biodiversity International. For more information, you can check their website
Labindia Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a group of visionary technocrats, engineers and professionals who foresaw the need for high-quality analytical instrumentation in India. The company has 29 years of experience in Sales, Service and Application support in the field of Biotechnology, Analytical instrumentation and Life sciences. To know more about them you can check their website
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