Save the Western Ghats March 1987/88

"The Save the Western Ghats March was the primary reason why I chose to continue working on Environmental issues. Otherwise the direction of my life would have been different."

Mr. C. D Suneesh, Core Marcher, Kerala

This sentiment was echoed in different ways by nearly 40 marchers who had taken part actively in the Save the Western Ghats March of 1987/88. These marchers after an interim of 25 long years had assembled at Mahabaleshwar to renew old friendships, renew their persistent efforts towards conserving the Western Ghats and inspire the next generation of practitioners’ to keep fighting for what they believe in. While the goals of the Conclave were lofty, it was also necessary to take a moment to think about the days gone by. The marchers have since the past 25 years put up a persistent effort to protect the environment and the people of the Western Ghats and it was imperative to salute their dedication and courage. The session ‘Down Memory Lane’ was an attempt to bring together, the past and the present for the sake of the future. This was an opportunity for many long lost friends to unite, to reminiscence the days of heady activism and to share stories with each other about the changes which have taken place in the interim of 25 years. These marchers had come from the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and had brought with them lots of memorabilia from the days gone by. There were old pamphlets, brochures, song books, map routes and lots of photographs on display. The marchers enthusiastically shared their stories with the gathered audience.

Mr. Abhilash Khandekar of the Divya Marathi group felicitated the marchers and said that it is never too late to be a part of the movement. . He said that the coming together of veterans and their wisdom and newcomers and their enthusiasm, will only make the Movement more potent and strong.

We hope this is a fresh beginning to a long and active association with these marchers and avowed environmentalists.