The efforts to save the Western Ghats, is a journey. And the way ahead in this journey is long and arduous. There are lots of stands to take, lots of agitations to start, lots of decisions to make. There a lot of innovations to be turned into major successes and a lot of vested interests to be changed to failures. To those who attended, the SWG Meet-‘Practitioners’ Conclave’, Mahabaleshwar, we say, Thank You. To those who could not, there are still many opportunities to work together. Let us move ahead with our old goals but with new alliances at hand and new motivation in our heart. We intend to change this website into a forum which can give space to new discussions, ideas and interactions for the Western Ghats.


Through this gathering a conscious effort will be made to make the participants, supporters and enthusiasts commit for responsible action to Save the one and only Western Ghats.
Western Ghats are under threat and civil society is constantly addressing the these issues through action, advocacy and lobbying.
Save the Western Ghats March of 1987-88 is a unique event that created history. It marked the beginning to bring the civil society to work for the cause of sustainable development . It tried for the first time the landscape level thinking across the political boundaries.It started mainstreaming Western Ghats.